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We are recruiting Interpreters now and want you to join our Team.


  • You have chosen a field that promises rewarding, dynamic and flexible opportunities. We are excited to have you begin your career path with us.
  • Nightingale is committed to the balanced development of certified interpreting professionals through seminars, mentorships and experience.
  • The program balances your ongoing classroom education and life commitments with the assignments of your internship experience.

Certified Interpreters and Types of Assignments

We recruit certified interpreters of all levels to join our team of professionals. As a contracting professional, you take the assignments you prefer in the settings that interest you. These assignments include contracts, clients and consumers from all sectors of industry such as major medical facilities, school districts, municipal and county courts, the State of Texas, as well as the Houston Police Department and City of Houston.

Let’s make a difference together!

We focus on fostering the profession of interpreting while helping people, helping businesses, and helping communities. We strictly adhere to the Standards of Ethical Behavior, confidentiality, impartiality, and integrity.

Our commitment is to provide innovative solutions for businesses, agencies, and Deaf people to make businesses’ lives easier in requesting interpreters, to give Deaf people more control over their communication experience, and for agencies to become more efficient.

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We are dedicated to creating a fair, respectful, and rewarding working environment for our contractors.

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